Adding value to your clients through Proactive Investing

February 23, 2018

Adding value to clientsIf your clients can maximise their investments – whether this be pensions, ISAs, bonds or general investments – they will be a lot better off. We know that’s a fairly obvious comment but not many people put this into practice.

Let’s say one of your clients has a pension pot of £500k and they have it invested in a Managed fund, or even worse, a With Profits fund; annual growth will likely be no more than 5%. If that client is aged 45 and plans to retire at 65, they can expect a final value in the region of £1.393m. Whilst that is a big sum, if they were to invest in a good spread of funds, including some consistently good performers, and get around 8%, the final sum could be around £2,517m. What a difference!

Calculations show that for every 1% you can improve returns in this example, you improve the end value by roughly £300k. That is a significant difference and would no doubt be greatly appreciated by most, if not all clients.

This is what we attempt to do at MAP – maximise end returns for clients’ investments – which we do through our well-tested investment process. When we take on any new clients and establish their new pensions and/or investments, yes we get an initial fee for setting everything up, but our work only starts there.

It is our job to monitor all funds used within a client’s investment on a regular, quarterly basis. We then make fund switches within an investment as and when needed, in an attempt to maximise end returns. That is the true value of a professional investment adviser.

All investments need to be worked; if not, they probably won’t go perform at all well. At MAP, we attempt to make them work hard, within a person’s attitude to risk, to maximise the end return. As you can imagine, there are no guarantees, especially when you think of the way global markets react to anything and everything. We believe that if you pick consistently well performing funds time and time again, that is half the battle. That is exactly what we do.

At the last time of looking one of our investment advisers had 51 client reviews on VouchedFor, with a score of 4.8 out of 5…not bad at all! We believe this is not only for our investing skills, but also for continually working investments to better their performance. Our advice is both initial and ongoing because that is what is needed with every investment.

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