Your Goals

Our client’s goals are what drive us to do our utmost for them. Your financial goals will become our targets.
We understand that for any and all aspects of your finances, a number of factors are important. Good advice at both the outset and on an ongoing basis, careful planning and successful investing will help you achieve your financial goals; possibly even surpassing what you had intended to achieve by calling an adviser in the first instance.

Our approach has been tailored over many years of looking after client’s wealth, and has been structured to suit their needs and service requirements. We do the total opposite of a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The values we bring as a financial adviser to any client are:


Our Business Standards are set at the highest level to ensure we deliver quality in everything we do.


Our focus is to exceed client expectations in all areas during their journey with MAP.


Being open, honest and clear in everything we do.


Taking pride in what we do and looking after client’s finances as if they were our own.


Building a relationship and trust with clients to last a lifetime.