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MAP is made up of a team of professionals, who come together and work as one for the good of our clients. Our team is a combination of dedicated advisers, looking after client’s needs, and backroom staff, working hard to ensure the advisers are free from administration to do their jobs as best they can.

Some advisers have additional qualifications, which allows them to advise in specialist areas, such as mortgages, final salary pensions and equity release, whilst all of them bring their own experience and skillset to their work. But what is the end result? MAP can help clients with almost any issue in financial services, meaning they don’t need to find someone else for other needs, either now or in the future.

Planning for Retirement

The simplest option, if possible, is to alter your existing pension plan(s) by way of fund switching. This means keeping your money in the same plan(s) but changing the underlying investment fund(s) to something with better performance, without necessarily taking any more risk.

Saving & Investing

Investing is not done purely by the rich, and equally, bank accounts are not necessarily the best place to maintain excess savings.

Mortgages & Equity Release

There are many different types of mortgages available on the market. Trying to find the right one to fit your circumstances can therefore be a daunting task, and this can only be made worse when considering the stress if you are moving home too.

Insurance & Protection

Sometimes life can take a turn for the unexpected. Whatever circumstances life throws at you or your loved ones, make sure you are protected and therefore able to deal with them.

Tax Planning

Our tax planning strategies, when done properly, are quite simple. There is no ingenious formula(e) for success; it is instead all about awareness of legislation, how it affects different people and how it can be legally avoided through planning.

Some of our satisfied clients

Graham recently helped myself and my partner buy our first house. He has been amazing helping us along with the entire process, always on hand to answer all our questions. We cannot thank and recommend him enough, cheers Graham!

We hired Graham to manage our first house purchase and we were delighted with his work, he guided us through the process and made it absolutely pain free for us. Top professional and and complete gentleman to boot. Definitely recommend using Graham for anything to do with mortgage.

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