Tax Planning – April 2021

April 28, 2021

Andrew Singleton shares some considerations on tax planning, Money Advice and Planning’s network of independent financial advisers are able to assist with your tax planning needs.


You may think that this is a strange one to put in for tax planning, but it is an obvious one – and sometimes we do miss the obvious. The main thing to remember about personal allowances is use it or lose it – it’s that simple, and this will apply to people who run their own companies.

In the current year we get a personal allowance of £12,570 which is the amount we can earn without paying any tax.   Now if you have you have your own company, and you or your spouse haven’t used your allowances for the year, then it is worth thinking about taking an amount of salary to use these allowances up – after all, if you don’t use them, then that means that some tax-free money has gone.   


Same again, if you are a shareholder of your own company, then think about taking £2,000 in dividends as this would be tax-free, but please ensure that you have profits of at least this amount, as dividends should only be taken out of net profits. 

You should even look at the possibility of taking out more than £2,000 IF the company can afford it, as dividends are taxed at lower rates than income tax and they don’t have National Insurance on them either.


If you are taking a pension income, and your fund could stand you taking out more – then if you could take out more AND it was tax-free, i.e. by taking up to £12,570 – then why not. You should always maximise the tax free element, even if you extract it and put it in the bank – at least you are not paying tax on it.   Don’t forget that this applies per person – so if you are married, then your spouse can do the same. 

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