Setting and achieving financial goals

January 18, 2018

Get your finances ready for the new yearNow we are into 2018, how many people actually made new year resolutions? You may think this can be too woolly, especially when you make some and never achieve them. It is different in financial services, especially when done through MAP.

Let us start with possibly your main goal – pensions. If you sit down with a MAP adviser and tell them what you would like to achieve and by what date, they could tell you if this was feasible or not. They will be more than prepared to work through things with you to set logical goals, and then work with you over the period concerned to reach them.

Let’s say for example, you would like to get £20k per year in pensions. If we deduct the basic DWP pension of £8,100 per year at age 65, you would only need to get £11,900 per year from any personal pension.

Using very conservative growth rates would give us an indication of how much you would need to save every month to achieve your target. More importantly, when we reviewed your pension at regular intervals, we would keep you updated as to how you stand in terms of achieving your target. Our existing clients find it very helpful when we put things down simplistically like this – finances that are then easy to understand.

If you are saving to repay a mortgage, or maybe even save up enough for a deposit for house purchase, MAP can keep you updated at regular intervals, and also where you are in percentage terms of achieving your targets/goals.

We have seen a lot of people saving money and they just haven’t a clue as to whether they are putting away the right amount or not. And if it’s not, by the time some people realise it, it’s far too late.

Why not put us to the test? Tell us what you would like to save for, how much and for what date, and we will guide you accordingly. We are happy to offer that helping hand, and once we have done this, and with our investment process, we are then happy and willing to work with you to achieve your goals. Moreover, we keep it all in simple language.

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