How Professionals can use the MAP Franchise
May 2, 2018

We have had quite a few enquiries from accountants over the years for our franchise, and the occasional lawyer as well. Many professionals however see barriers to operating our franchise when there isn’t really any there.

What would happen in reality is that any MAP franchise would be set up as an LLP running alongside your current firm/partnership. Any referrals to an outside IFA can then be stopped and dealt with by yourself, and in many cases this is better because only you will know all the clients details anyway – whether tax or legal. Who better to advise a client than yourself because you should know exactly what that person needs and already have a working relationship with them, and this is the basics for giving financial advice.

The franchise is operated as a stand-alone entity, and MAP ensures all work done by franchisees is compliant and within FCA rules. Franchisees must be qualified to diploma level and full training support will be provided to help franchisees achieve this as quickly as possible. If any specialist advice is needed, MAP has those specialists on hand as well to support you. MAP also provides full compliance support and checks on all business written before it’s submitted.

All of this will ensure you give your clients the best service possible, since you will be in control from start to finish.

Alternatively if you didn’t want to get too involved and set-up a franchise, why not act as an Introducer to MAP and receive a percentage of any case earnings, for minimal effort.

If you would like to find out about the Money Advice & Planning franchise or would like to work alongside us, please visit us at and use the contact form. Alternatively, call Andrew Singleton on 0345 241 1808.

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