Could MAP be the right place to grow your IFA business?
July 23, 2021

Looking after clients’ investments and portfolios is perhaps the biggest drag on an advisers time. So ask yourself the question ‘How often do you actually look at your clients portfolio’s over a 12- month period’………perhaps just once a year prior to the annual review?
Unfortunately, this is not unusual.
At MAP we approach this in a different way to make sure our advisers don’t spend their days juggling too many balls in the air, we believe their skills are around their client facing attributes and not spending days on end analysing the markets or worse still doing the 12-month fingers crossed approach.
All our advisers have their client portfolios and investments managed in house, our experts track the markets on a daily basis keeping our eyes on the ball on behalf of our adviser team. This makes sure that all our clients have the comfort of knowing that their goals and aspirations are being kept firmly on track and the advisers have the confidence in knowing MAP are supporting them in delivering excellent returns for their clients.

So how does this work? Using technology such as FE Analytics we look for the trends and make sure everything is kept on track. Should a change be required we contact the clients directly explain what is required together with our rational for any proposed changes and only when we gain the clients consent will we implement these changes in-house. We work with the various platforms and providers dealing with the time-consuming paperwork which eats up an advisers time. All documentation from start to finish is logged on our IT systems and advisers can see at a glance what activity has been undertaken by MAP on their behalf.

So in essence we do all the heavy lifting allowing our adviser team to concentrate on the day job growing their business in a profitable way.

If this resonates with you then give me a call on 07788-566547 and let’s explore how MAP could well be the right fit for you and help you develop, support and grow your business profitably without having to juggle those balls.

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