‘Aren’t you the client’?

September 17, 2021

Somewhere in the mists of time the relationship between advisers and their respective firms and networks has in some cases sadly eroded.

Advisers themselves treat their clients with respect and professionalism building a binding long-term trust between both parties.

So ask yourself this question ‘Am I being treated the same way’? Do you get the same respect and trust, do you feel valued as a client because when all is said and done that is exactly what you are? You probably pay a lot but do you get a lot in return?

At MAP we approach this in a different way, our team are at the core of our business and central to everything we do. We work closely with them to help them build a successful and profitable business with a raft of support tools designed by them, our view is that they know better than us what they need and we work together to build our support model to the benefit of the whole business.

At MAP we are proud to display our ‘Investors in People’ award signifying we commit to making work better for all our team. This for us epitomises our commitment to how we interact with individuals and treat them in a fair and supportive way.


If you want to feel valued then give Ian a ring on 07788-566547 and let’s discuss how we can bring a smile to your face again, our advisers don’t sink, they swim.

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