Independent Financial advisers

Money Advice & Planning Ltd based in Glasgow are independent financial advisers operating UK-wide. We provide impartial online financial advice on all areas of financial services to both private and commercial customers. With a plan you can find the best home for your savings and investments, allowing you to save and keep track of progress. That is why we are here to help you and provide the best financial advice from our independent financial advisers. You can consult with our advisers who will help in terms of organising investment goals, types of savings and investments suitable for your situation as well as the best way in order to achieve these. Armed with this information and much more, you will have the best chance to maximise your savings and investments giving you peace of mind with your finances.

Our independent financial advisers can help you with anything, from buying your first home to planning for your retirement. We have experts in the fields of active pensions and investments, home buying, protection, and retirement and tax planning. Not only that but we can even provide taxation specialists ensuring your entire finances are looked after in the most professional and best possible way.

We aim to provide our clients a professional service where our independent financial advisers will look after all aspects of UK finance not restricted in the areas of advice they can provide. Offering full access to the entire team, meaning their combined experience and knowledge will allow our financial advisers to provide the best possible service to all our clients. Whatever your requirements, we will give you the best service and online financial advice we can – initial and ongoing – for as long as you need us. We also have the facilities for investing online, should you wish to do so without any prior advice.

Money Advice & Planning Ltd are UK independent financial advisers (IFAs)

We are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
Our IFAs are not restricted in the areas of advice they can provide. Our clients have access to the entire team. This means that with their combined experience and knowledge, MAP can easily cover all aspects of someones’ affairs.
Our aim is to provide clients with a unique service which is second-to-none. Our IFAs do not believe in a half-hearted service. Instead, they aim to look after all aspects of UK finance for our clients. We want them to trust in us and have us help them time and again.

MAP has established close links with other UK finance firms, to offer our clients a complete service. Accountancy and taxation work is passed to our sister company, Accounts Advice & Planning Ltd. We also maintain relationships with several loans companies, who can provide personal loans and bridging finance.

Such a set-up ensures we are not merely advising UK clients on what we are permitted to by the FCA. This would then leave them in the dark over other matters. Instead, we feel it is important to guide them with the help of other professionals. This way, their entire finances are looked after, and in the best possible way.