Identifying those green shoots
July 28, 2022

For the last 3 weeks we have finally seen a little bit of growth which we hope is going to be that little bit
consistent, i.e. whether this continues its upward trajectory or not – we don’t know. All you can do is analyse things to the nth degree and say with a little bit of “confidence” that it looks as though it may continue up the way.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I say that it will continue up the way – it’s not going to go up in a
straight line but a very jagged one. Things will no doubt go well for a day or so and then some investors will decide to cash in and pull the figures down a bit – so it will be very much like the teeth of a saw.
On doing my research on Monday this week, I was pleased to show that the growth that I had noticed in the last 2 weeks is continuing, so that at least gives everyone a wee bit of hope.

Every week I show the top 10 performing funds for the previous week taken from our lists of long term performers – such that it gives you an indication of where growth is coming from, and when I say growth I wouldn’t get too excited because this only highlights funds doing greater than zero – that’s the sorry state that we have been in. Normally when I have done similar analyses in the past – by short term I have meant the previous 3 months, but with the state of global markets since the end of last year, looking at things over 3 months has been quite a luxury.

Two weeks ago my analysis was only on the one week, and last week because we saw some more growth coming through I was able to extend this to 2 weeks, and yes this week I went totally daft and was able to extend it to three weeks. What excitement ! From a statistical point of view, three weeks is rubbish for trying to see consistency and you need the three months indicators as well as the long term comparisons as well, but at the very least it does help you to see those green shoots and that is better than nothing. Having invested some money using the top 10 lists last week, I am very pleased to say that we are starting to see some growth coming through – albeit small amounts – but at least it is positive and not negative – so that’s encouraging.

This is what we do at MAP to try and get our clients money invested in something that will grow. There is no magic wand to this and it all comes down to doing your research over and over and over again. We do all the hard work to keep our clients money “hopefully” growing, this is why our fund choices actually deliver for our clients because they are choices based on FACTS.

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